All VERTUE beds and mattresses are hand-made from scratch to your exact specifications.

You can select any size, choose from an extensive list of sustainable materials and build-in a range of luxury, convenience and healthcare features to create a bed that meets your precise requirements.

r Sizes

We manufacture VERTUE beds and mattresses in six standard sizes:

Size Width (cm) Height (cm)
Small Single 75 190
Standard Single 90 190
Small Double 120 190
Standard Double 135 190
King 150 200
Super King 182 200

If a room size dictates a wider, narrower, longer, shorter, higher or lower bed we can accommodate any variation easily.

l Materials

As we hand-make all VERTUE mattresses from scratch to your exact specifications you can create your ideal mattress using any combination of a wide range of materials and features.

There are four layers inside every VERTUE mattresses, each with different properties:

  • Support Layer
    The support layer in the mattress core provides the strength to keep the sleeping body correctly supported and the quality of this layer dictates the durability of the mattress
  • Comfort Layer
    Fluffiness, softness, ventilation and moisture regulation are the most important properties of comfort layers, which are placed right underneath the ticking of the mattress.
  • Insulating Layer
    The insulator needs to be strong and have some ‘mass’ to distribute pressure and to protect the softer comfort layers and filling materials from the springs.
  • Filling Layer
    Filling materials need to be resilient and they need to ventilate. Resilience gives a comfortable feel, supporting the spine during sleep and ensuring that the mattress returns to its original shape during the day. The ventilation systems in a VERTUE mattress are designed to move moisture through the layers and out through the bottom of the mattress.
Pocket spring units

Each metal spring in a pocket sprung mattress is sewn into individual fabric pockets enabling each coil to independently absorb body weight. Pocket springs are not linked together and therefore can echo the shape of the sleeper’s body.

Spring count is important as pocket sprung mattresses can vary from 600 springs per kingsize mattress to 2,000 springs. Generally speaking the more springs there are in the mattress, the better the support.

VERTUE’s pocket springs are especially manufactured from 90% recycled steel.

Bonnell (open coil) spring units

Bonnell spring units have metal springs which are linked from top to bottom by a spiral wire and a retaining wire used that is clipped around the perimeter of the mattress.The thickness of the spring wire can vary from a 13 gauge wire (medium firmness) to a 12 gauge or a 12.5 gauge so that a much firmer feeling is achieved.

VERTUE’s Bonnell springs are especially manufactured from 90% recycled steel.


Latex is a natural material made from rubber particles that can either be used as a surface pad for traditional sprung mattresses or to replace springs in the mattresses core.

Natural latex is an expensive option but it is extremely soft and supportive and provides a mattress with excellent ‘green’ credentials. It is also hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant making it perfect for allergy sufferers. In addition, natural latex is breathable, keeping the mattress warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Memory Fibre


Memory foam is a material widely used in mattress production because reacts to pressure and body heat and moulds itself to the sleeper’s body shape. Whereas memory foam is a chemically engineered material and therefore not environmentally friendly, VERTUE mattresses use ‘memory fibre’ which shares the same characteristics but is made from recycled plastics.

Horse Hair


Horsehair is very resilient by nature and has excellent ventilating properties. The hollow fibre transports humidity away from the body and ensures a comfortable micro-climate. Horsehair also provides mattresses with greater durability and comfort.

Coir or Coconut Fibre

Collected from the coconut husk, coir or coconut fibre is entirely natural and provides mattresses with excellent ventilation. The coir fibre is very tough but also elastic and it hardly deteriorates at all over time. The fibre provides good temperature management and is hygroscopic and so it binds excess room humidity.

Palm Fibre

Palm fibre is obtained from the leaves of the dwarf palm and is also known ‘vegetable horsehair’. This natural product is characterized by good elasticity and is very suitable for providing mattresses with a luxurious feeling.

Virgin Wool

Virgin wool curls naturally and provides mattresses with comfortable volume. It can absorb twice as much moisture as cotton, and 30 times as much as polyester. Wool also has naturally high flame resistance because of its low flammability and flame-suppressant properties and is hypo-allergenic. Virgin wool absorbs moisture from the surroundings, stopping fungal growth and so breaking the food chain that house mite depends on.


Almost pure cellulose, cotton is the world’s most widely used natural fibre. The main reasons for this are its softness and breathability. Cotton coverings in mattresses absorb moisture readily which makes them comfortable in hot weather.

Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo fibre is a green natural fibre with a special microstructure that, when used as a mattress covering enhances its coolness and breathability. Bamboo fibre has unrivalled softness. It absorbs up to four times more moisture than cotton and contains natural antibacterial elements.


Cashmere is the wool or fur of the Kashmir goat that are primarily raised in Mongolia. The fibres are highly adaptable and when transformed into mattress coverings the high moisture content allows insulation properties to change with the relative humidity in the air.

p Features


Quality mattresses can be very heavy which causes problems for housekeeping staff trying to turn them. Upon request VERTUE mattresses can be designed as ‘non-turn’ which means there is a single sleeping surface and a reinforced underside.

Allergy and Dust Mite Protection

VERTUE mattresses are available with special tightly sealed hypo-allergenic coverings to stop dead skin, body oils and microscopic organisms from penetrating the sleeping surface and attracting dust mites which can cause severe allergic reactions.

a Delivery

Our turn-around time for standard sized VERTUE beds and mattresses is 7 working days from receipt of order to delivery in the UK. Custom size beds and mattresses can be manufactured and delivered within 14 working days.

Delivery is free for orders of 20 mattresses or more to a single UK address.

m Pricing

Because our individual customers’ requirements are unique every VERTUE bed and mattress we supply is made to order. We don’t have a standard range so we don’t publish a meaningless ‘standard’ price list.

We prefer to listen to your precise requirements, including the budget you’re working to then build the bed you need at a price you’ll be delighted with.

To prove our point, we’ve recently won a major contract by designing and manufacturing an environmentally friendly mattress with a far higher specification than the hotels’ existing premium mattress while delivering a cost saving of around 25%.

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