Our commitment to the environment doesnʼt end when mattresses come to the end of their working lives. Over 180,000 tonnes of mattresses are dumped into landfill every year and take many years to decompose causing enormous environmental damage.

As the hospitality industry is such a huge consumer of bedroom furniture, we believe we have a shared responsibility to find an alternative means of disposal for old beds and mattresses.

Upon request, Perpetua arranges for every old mattress that leaves our customers’ hotels to be taken directly to a recycling centre where it is completely dismantled and 100% of the constituent textiles, metal and foam is reclaimed and recycled.

All recycled materials benefit the sustainability of steel manufacturing, textile manufacturing and carpet manufacturing. This in turn creates gainful employment and reduces high dependency on landfill.


Did you know?

  • ›An average mattress has a volume of 23 cubic feet
  • ›The compaction rate of a mattress in landfill is 400% less than regular waste
  • ›Mattresses account for 180,000 tonnes of landfill each year. This is the equivalent of burying a double decker bus every 45 minutes
  • ›A mattress takes 10 years to decompose