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All of the following reviews from TripAdvisor relate to hotel rooms that have been furnished with VERTUE mattresses over the past few months.

“Love this hotel, best comfort bed I’ve ever experienced”

Reviewed 2014-09-11

Bing H - Manchester, UK

The bed is the most comfortable I've ever experienced in all the hotels I've stayed with! Even better than what I've got at home

“Manchester Radisson Blu 5* Hotel – Fabulous!”

Reviewed 2014-09-10

Catinahat68 - Leeds, UK

"The bed was exceptionally comfortable - I really struggled to get myself out of it as I'd slept so well!"

“Great location next to warren street underground”

Reviewed 2014-09-10

Matt S - Leicester, UK

"I have an issue with hotel beds as they all seem to give me a dodgy back, but myself and wife both commented on the comfort of the mattress"

“Luxury without losing the personal touch”

Reviewed 2014-09-09

Emma D - UK

"Mattress was superb"

“Extremely friendly nothing was too much trouble”

Reviewed 2014-09-09

PopsBristol_England - Bristol, UK

"Bed so comfortable didn't want to get up"


Reviewed 2014-08-30

Mansfieldmummy - Nottinghamshire, UK

"The beds were immaculate and very comfy"

“Style and comfort”

Reviewed 2014-08-25

Melvyn S - Halkwell, UK

"The best sleep I have had during 4 years of travel"

“It’s ok”

Reviewed 2014-08-25

vanessa r - Middlesbrough, UK

"The bed itself was very comfortable"

“Refreshing and quiet night before early morning flight”

Reviewed 2014-08-24

SonChasers4 - Thetford, UK

"The beds were incredibly comfortable"

“Great hotel but small rooms”

Reviewed 2014-08-21

Zara Angelina M - Toronto, Canada

"The bed was also very good"

“A beautiful hotel with an excellent feel to it”

Reviewed 2014-08-21

JudeTaylor - Coventry, UK

"Beds were very comfortable, firm mattresses with a decent thick mattress topper"

“A nice trip in Manchester”

Reviewed 2014-08-19

pupowestern - Paris, France

"The bed was awesome!"

“A night in London”

Reviewed 2014-08-19

Laraine A - Tuners Hill, UK

"Extremely comfortable bed"

“I wanted to stay longer!!”

Reviewed 2014-08-18

Jord W - Burton upon Trent, UK

"The beds were amazing"


Reviewed 2014-08-18

Kris V - London, UK

"Great beds"

“Fantastic hotel”

Reviewed 2014-08-17

Fullup17 - UK

Enormous and incredibly comfortable bed

“The best so far”

Reviewed 2014-08-15

Zoobia05 - Birmingham, UK

"I can not believe how cosy the bed was that I fell asleep within 5 minutes"

“Love it”

Reviewed 2014-08-14

darin d - UK

"Bed was a dream excellent night sleeping"

“Great stay for couples”

Reviewed 2014-08-14

Hayley R - UK

"The bed was the incredibly comfy!!"

“Excellence – pure and simple”

Reviewed 2014-08-11

amanda5356 - Cirencester, UK

"The bed was a very comfortable king in which we slept very well"

“Great for families”

Reviewed 2014-08-11

mangojenny - Oregon, USA

"Great king-size beds"

“Best location!”

Reviewed 2014-08-11

Lovesensation24 - Victoria, Australia

"The bed was huge and comfortable"

“A very welcoming hotel”

Reviewed 2014-08-11

Simon P - London, UK

"Incredibly comfortable bed"

“Great night out in Manchester staying in a great hotel”

Reviewed 2014-08-09

pbv - Middlesbrough, UK

"The bed was very comfortable with luxury linen and we slept very well"

“Lovely hotel in perfect location”

Reviewed 2014-08-05

shangri-lada - Solihull, UK

"Beds were very comfortable and I had no problem sleeping"

“Average hotel, good enough”

Reviewed 2014-08-05

Inge_Marlies - The Hague, The Netherlands

"Bed was good"

“Great hotel”

Reviewed 2014-08-04

bradley35 - Edinburgh, UK

"Comfy beds"

“Enjoyable stay”

Reviewed 2014-08-04

nt1984 - UK

"Comfy bed"


Reviewed 2014-08-03

Tyler U - Daniels, West Virginia, USA

"The room was great with a comfortable bed"

“Excellent hotel”

Reviewed 2014-08-03

Sara S - Cumbria, UK

"Comfy beds"


Reviewed 2014-08-02

moomoo2611 - Swindon, UK

"Bed was very comfortable, slept well"

“Excellent location”

Reviewed 2014-08-02

Charlotte Jakob... B - London, UK

"The bed was really good to sleep in"

“Hotel Hampshire, Leicester Square”

Reviewed 2014-08-02

454terryi - UK

"The bed was very comfortable, especially for a person such as myself who suffers from a bad back"

“Central to London Heathrow”

Reviewed 2014-08-02

Paul S - Banksia Beach, Australia

"Comfy beds"

“Excellent and classy”

Reviewed 2014-08-01

markandsian - Liverpool, UK

"The bed was wonderful... overall a good nights' rest which isn't always possible in a strange bed"

“3 week holiday to UK”

Reviewed 2014-08-01

Vicki H - Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

"Comfy bed"

“Excellent stay”

Reviewed 2014-07-25

Katherine M - Buckinghamshire, UK

"The beds were very comfortable"

“Staff great, hotel mediocre”

Reviewed 2014-07-23

graham999Manchester - Manchester, UK

"Very comfortable bed indeed"

“You’ll think you’re in Mayfair!”

Reviewed 2014-07-23

Holokauahi - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

"Comfortable king bed - a rare thing in the UK"

“Weekend trip”

Reviewed 2014-07-20

johnwhalley - Stoke on Trent, UK

"Bed very good for a hotel"

“Fab stay”

Reviewed 2014-07-15

Grace M - London, UK

"Bed was soo comfy"

“A nice stay”

Reviewed 2014-07-11

Brown0827 - Manchester, UK

"On the plus side the bed was extremely comfortable"

“First trip, would stay again”

Reviewed 2014-07-09

Jenni P - Reigate, UK

"The beds were very comfortable and I had one of the best nights sleep ever!"

“Didn’t want to leave”

Reviewed 2014-07-01

LizGat - Bolton, UK

"The most comfy bed"

“A great way to spend a night near Heathrow”

Reviewed 2014-06-25

Redtag - Greensboro, NC, USA

"The bed was perfect"

“Beautiful hotel in London”

Reviewed 2014-06-22

Mary Anne S - Manvel, Texas, USA

"The bed was luxurious and afforded a great nights sleep"

“Wonderful hotel in Guildford”

Reviewed 2014-06-20

G4Captain - Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

"Bed more comfortable than most hotels"

“Radisson Blu Sussex”

Reviewed 2014-06-17

marshga - Leeds, UK

"Really comfy mattress"

“Lovely hotel, parking was a challenge…”

Reviewed 2014-06-16

LondonDebsUK - London, UK

"Bed very comfortable. We had a great nights sleep"

“Excellent location”

Reviewed 2014-06-14

Gary U Newcastle, KZN, South Africa

"Beds very comfortable"

“Pleasant surprise”

Reviewed 2014-06-08

MurtleT01 - UK

"The room was great with two single beds that were very comfortable"

“Very nice all around”

Reviewed 2014-06-06

BigRedOneArkansas - Arkansas, USA

"The beds are the best!"

“Great hotel and great service!”

Reviewed 2014-06-06

tiffany b - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

"Bed was wonderful"

“Great location for Heathrow”

Reviewed 2014-06-05

Beverly954 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Great mattress"

“Odd .. but the basics done well”

Reviewed 2014-06-05

tromsopete - London, UK

"The beds were very comfortable and I slept well"

“Second stay and not the last”

Reviewed 2014-06-05

PrincessAurore - Braine-Le-Chateau, Belgium

"The beds are extremely comfortable"

“Perfect two days in London”

Reviewed 2014-05-29

Cath J - Cardiff, UK

"The beds were sooo comfy"

“Outstanding accommodation and exemplary service”

Reviewed 2014-05-27

bambifletcher - UK

"The beds are the best I've have ever slept in"


Reviewed 2014-05-23

MilwMichelle - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

"The bed was one of the comfiest I've ever slept in"

“Good hotel”

Reviewed 2014-05-22

verali - London, UK

"One of the best hotel beds to sleep on away from home"

“Always top notch!”

Reviewed 2014-05-21

Jason K - Pelham, New York, USA

"The rooms are always clean, large and the bed VERY comfortable"

“One of my fave hotels”

Reviewed 2014-05-20

Rhys H - Bournemouth, UK

"We love the huge beds"

“Very comfortable”

Reviewed 2014-05-19

JES006 - St Louis, MO, USA

"Comfortable, well cushioned bed"

“Great hotel, fantastic makeover”

Reviewed 2014-05-14

OluOlu - London, UK

"The beds were lush"

“High quality, reliable, value for money”

Reviewed 2014-05-14

Propaganda_Machine - UK

"The beds are superbly comfortable"

“The Raddisson experience”

Reviewed 2014-05-13

fishfaceNorfolk - Norfolk, UK

"Bed was one of the best l have slept in"

“Really central and quiet”

Reviewed 2014-05-13

Helen A - Exeter, UK

"Comfortable bed"

“Perfection. Beyond 5*”

Reviewed 2014-04-27

sbb24 - Worcester, UK

"The bed was luxurious and we had a fantastic sleep"

“Great location, friendly staff and a super comfy bed!”

Reviewed 2014-04-25

Loulouswan - UK

"Bed was super comfy"

“Excellent location, very friendly and helpful staff: I would gladly stay here again.”

Reviewed 2014-04-24

Sergia S - UK

"The bed is so comfortable to sleep in"

“Back to our favourite hotel”

Reviewed 2014-04-24

Martin L - Congleton, UK

"We can always get a great nights sleep. The beds are firm, very large and extremely comfortable"

“More minuses than pluses”

Reviewed 2014-04-20

boogienorway - Norway

"The beds were comfortable"

“WOW what a fantastic place to stay.”

Reviewed 2014-04-17

Jill W - Northampton, UK

"Beds soooo comfortable"

“Loved this hotel. Staff really friendly and lovely room”

Reviewed 2014-04-17

Nikki C - Oxford, UK

"The bed was fantastic"

“Warm, friendly and impressive hotel – Jo & Carol”

Reviewed 2014-04-13

Carol F - UK

"Room was of a high standard and bed oh so comfy"

“Birthday treat”

Reviewed 2014-04-11

v rross733 - Hertfordshire, UK

"The bed was simply so comfortable, neither of us wanted to wake up"

“Return visitor”

Reviewed 2014-04-09

eat meat - Manchester, UK

"The beds are the comfiest in any hotel"

“Staff make this hotel, location helps too!”

Reviewed 2014-04-09

Jamie C - Glasgow, UK

"Beds were excellent"

“Good after a dodgy start”

Reviewed 2014-03-28

elf loft - Manchester, UK

"My bed was great"

“THE hotel for Heathrow”

Reviewed 2014-03-28

Ustaritz - Ustaritz, France

"Positively luxurious with the most fantastic bed...proved to be soooo comfortable"

“First class birthday celebrations – 5 star setting”

Reviewed 2014-03-12

SteveLEaton1969 - UK

"Bed for the night as comfy as ever and found deep, peaceful sleep"

“Second visit”

Reviewed 2014-03-12

JessicaFay26 - Preston, UK

"The rooms are very clean and the bed sooooo comfy!"

“Loved it!”

Reviewed 2014-03-11

bowlent - London, UK

"The bed has the most comfortable mattress"


Reviewed 2014-03-03

willw23 - UK

"The bed was huge and sooo comfortable"

“Gorgeous…and jam donuts!”

Reviewed 2014-02-24

Bevvers101 - Warrington, UK

"The biggest, and most comfortable bed I have ever slept in!"

“Excellence that added icing on the cake!”

Reviewed 2014-02-23

LaceyJane2014 - Chichester, UK

"Bed was top quality and comfortable"

“Another brilliant stay”

Reviewed 2014-02-20

Sam P - Leeds, UK

"The bed was a great retreat after a busy day in London"

“Great city centre hotel”

Reviewed 2014-02-18

Welshside - UK

"There is no scrimping on bed quality and you're guaranteed a comfy sleep"

“Great location, shame about our room”

Reviewed 2014-02-13

Greg S - Bridgwater, UK

"REALLY comfortable bed!"

“A lovely stay”

Reviewed 2014-02-12

Emilygeh - UK

"Lovely room with very comfortable bed"

“Thoroughly enjoyable stay!”

Reviewed 2014-02-12

jean255 - Harlow, UK

"Had a great nights sleep on very comfortable bed"

“Lovely comfortable and lush”

Reviewed 2014-02-11

Jenna C - Wednesbury, UK

"I miss this bed - was so comfy was hard to get out of"

“Location and welcome second to none”

Reviewed 2014-02-03

GBsensorman - Castle, UK

"The bed was very comfortable"

“Very nice but sort out the smell in the lobby”

Reviewed 2014-02-03

LobbyLimb - Cardiff, UK

"Comfortable bed"

“Fantastic stay in London”

Reviewed 2014-02-02

Rose D - Melbourne, Australia

"The beds (very important as I'm light sleeper!) were extremely comfortable"

“Lovely weekend away”

Reviewed 2014-01-26

Partygirl2222 - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

"Cosy double bed - very comfy - found myself wanting to have a lie in"

“Comfortable stay!”

Reviewed 2014-01-22

Ward5_13 - Newton Abbot, United Kingdom

"The bed was extremely comfortable and got a great sleep"


Reviewed 2014-01-19

clarequinn - UK

"The bed I didn't want to leave, so comfy"

“Decent enough”

Reviewed 2014-01-18

T0mmyGee - Musselburgh, UK

"Bed was comfortable and I slept well"

“Superb hotel !”

Reviewed 2014-01-08

BellasmummyUk - Warrington, UK

"The biggest, comfiest bed I've ever slept in"

“Great hotel and wonderful staff”

Reviewed 2014-01-05

Mancsdaz - UK

"Bed very comfortable so no worries there!"

“Wonderful oasis ”

Reviewed 2014-01-05

DavidCruzRadio - UK

"The beds are top quality"

“Fantastic location and unbelievable service”

Reviewed 2014-01-03

KarenQ1 - Cape Town Central, South Africa

"The most comfortable enormous beds"

“Fantastic hotel”

Reviewed 2013-12-31

lolly_m92 - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

"The mattress was so very comfy that a good nights sleep would be hard to avoid!"

“Truly brilliant hotel in a great location”

Reviewed 2013-12-30

Romeoportia - UK

"So comfortable beds for a great nights sleep"

“Fantastic hotel !”

Reviewed 2013-12-18

Jill A - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

"The bed was the most comfortable hotel bed Ive ever slept in"

“Exceptional hotel”

Reviewed 2013-12-17

Johnsaj - UK

"The beds were the most comfortable I ever experienced"

“Wonderful !”

Reviewed 2013-12-17

Kim E - UK

"The most comfortable bed we had ever slept on!"

“A real hotel that takes great pride guest relations”

Reviewed 2013-12-15

Susan S - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

"Uber-comfortable bed"

“Lovely personable hotel in fantastic central London position”

Reviewed 2013-12-06

Joglenburn - Poland

"The bed was so comfortable we had to drag ourselves out"

“Too expensive for its services”

Reviewed 2013-12-05

Tomeuescalas - UK

"The quality of the comfy bed is the best point"

“Very lovely stay”

Reviewed 2013-12-01

Lesleyellen171 - Bridgwater, UK

"Very comfortable I slept well, and thats unusual for me"

“Highly recommended”

Reviewed 2013-11-29

AmreenK109 - Rossendale, UK

"One of the most comfortable hotel beds I have found"

“Wonderful central hotel”

Reviewed 2013-11-24

Margaret B - Cupar, UK

"Bed and pillows were both really comfortable"

“Ellie’s eclectic experience”

Reviewed 2013-11-21

Puffinmaster - Leicester, UK

"Lovely bed"

“London theatre trip”

Reviewed 2013-11-19

henrythedog_9 - Northamptonshire, UK

"Comfortable beds"

“Average hotel, clean rooms, great wifi and comfy bed”

Reviewed 2013-11-09

love2travel86London - London, UK

"I must say my bed was wonderfully comfortable"

“Excellent location with service to make the stay extra special”

Reviewed 2013-11-08

Katie S - London, UK

"Beds are comfy"

“Fab hotel!”

Reviewed 2013-11-02

RosieB1979 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Very comfy bed"

“Quiet and convenient”

Reviewed 2013-11-02

Chimpy28 - UK

"Comfortable bed"

“Return visit”

Reviewed 2013-11-01

Peter M - Chelmsford, UK

"Comfortable bed"

“Very good. Room for improvement reception staff!”

Reviewed 2013-10-31

stephano23 - London, UK

"The most comfortable bed"

“Good location for Terminal 3”

Reviewed 2013-10-29

Mis88 - Exeter, UK

"Bed extremely comfortable so we got a good nights sleep"

“Very relaxing stay”

Reviewed 2013-10-21

Melanie572 - UK

"Comfortable bed, slept like babies!"

“Great airport hotel”

Reviewed 2013-10-16

paddyindian - Birmingham, UK

We got a great nights sleep as the bed was very, very comfortable

“Long weekend”

Reviewed 2013-10-15

JAG2419 - Barnsley, UK

"The beds are excellent"

“Very nice surprise on check-in”

Reviewed 2013-10-14

CJRoyds - Cheshire, UK

"The bed is excellent- arguably the most important thing in your hotel room!"

“An exceptional hotel with an outstanding concierge team”

Reviewed 2013-10-07

ChristopherLondonUK - London, UK

"The beds must have a special mention, I have to say that I always sleep soundly when I stay at this hotel, which is not always the case in many that I stay"

“Beautiful hotel, hard to fault”

Reviewed 2013-10-06

SotonFran - Southampton, UK

"Bed was supremely comfortable"

“Good for a business stay!”

Reviewed 2013-10-05

Camelia13 - Bucharest, Romania

"I really liked the bed, good mattress so good quality sleep"

“Extremely comfortable”

Reviewed 2013-10-05

esther913 - Glasgow, UK

"The bed was so comfortable, I did not want to get up"

“A true five star hotel”

Reviewed 2013-10-03

MultimediaGroup - London, UK

"Excellent beds"

“Comfortable and central”

Reviewed 2013-09-29

Nimmykins - Brighton, UK

"The bed was extremely comfortable and we all slept well"

“Two night stay, very enjoyable”

Reviewed 2013-09-21

alastairdeacon - Mountain View, California, USA

"Comfortable bed. We got a really good night sleep here"

“Great way to end the holiday”

Reviewed 2013-09-18

SHoweBathUK - Bath UK

"The bed was excellent: so so comfortable. Thought of asking where they get their beds from to buy one for my home"

“Oozing style everywhere you look!”

Reviewed 2013-09-17

BAtkinson - London, UK

"My last compliment has to be the bed...the soundest sleep I've had in a long time. If I could fit the bed into a BMW 7 Series AND got away with it, I might have tried"

“A visit to remember”

Reviewed 2013-09-12

jasmine s - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"The rooms were great and the bed sooo comfortable"

“Spot on every time but sort out breakfast!”

Reviewed 2013-09-05

Propaganda_Machine - England

"The bed was the usual Radisson standard; on the hard side but very comfortable and aided a restful night's sleep"

“Beautiful hotel, excellent service!”

Reviewed 2013-09-04

zc90 - Birmingham, UK

"The bed, possibly one of the most comfortable I have ever slept on and we had a fantastic nights sleep"

“Amazing place”

Reviewed 2013-09-04

CheshireRocketman - Cheshire, UK

"The bed was the comfiest I have ever stayed in"

“Felt like royalty”

Reviewed 2013-09-03

Ann-Marie B - Oxford, UK

"The bed and pillows were better than I have ever slept on!"

“Fantastic hotel for Pride weekend”

Reviewed 2013-09-01

Love_flying - London, UK

"An incredibly comfortable bed"

“Great location”

Reviewed 2013-08-31

RainboW C - London, UK

"The bed was massive and one of the comfiest"

“Nice place to stay but they need to sort out the key-cards”

Reviewed 2013-08-26

NolaWarrington - Warrington, United Kingdom

"Great beds, I think they are superking size, lovely sleep quality"

“Far better than expected”

Reviewed 2013-08-25

Banana100 - Kingston-upon-Hull, UK

"A good night's sleep as the bed was so comfortable!"

“Very polished hotel, great service”

Reviewed 2013-08-24

KINGKONG3 - Gloucester, UK

"Very comfy beds; a good night's sleep had by all"

“Another fantastic stay at this wonderful hotel”

Reviewed 2013-08-22

TPTWhitleyBay - Whitley Bay, UK

"We slept very well in the quality beds"

“Good for a quick over-nighter”

Reviewed 2013-08-22

David J - London, United Kingdom

"I had a good night’s sleep in a very comfortable bed"

“Very good place to stay”

Reviewed 2013-08-19

zvikahalevi - Israel

"The bad is large, comfortable, very good quality"

“Amazing stay”

Reviewed 2013-08-18

marysj - Birmingham, UK

"Bed was SO comfortable"

“Loved the location, the staff and the charm of the hotel”

Reviewed 2013-08-18

ohsusanna733 - Houston, Texas, USA

"The bed was so comfy"


Reviewed 2013-08-15

Gleavesy1992 - Manchester, UK

"The bed was super comfy! "

“Faultless, perfect hotel”

Reviewed 2013-08-15

robww - London, UK

"Bed excellent"

“Modern Manchester marvel”

Reviewed 2013-08-13

Michaelyym - Brisbane, Australia

"The more than comfortable bed made for a excellent night's sleep"

“Modern hotel with attentive staff in a great location”

Reviewed 2013-08-11

Y0rkieGirl - Leeds, UK

"The beds are extremely comfortable"

“Enjoyable overnight stay”

Reviewed 2013-08-07

BettyandTony - Oldham, UK

"The bed was very comfortable - a good nights sleep was had"

“Fantastic hotel”

Reviewed 2013-08-06

MandyNLondon - London, UK

"The beds are insanely comfortable"

“Definitely stay again..”

Reviewed 2013-07-30

19KS82 - Manchester, UK

"The bed was massive and one of the comfiest beds I’ve ever stayed in at a Hotel"

“Very good standard”

Reviewed 2013-07-28

heggers - Belfast, UK

"The room was well equipped and had great quality bed"


Reviewed 2013-07-26

evap77 - Austin, Texas, USA

"The huge bed was extremely comfortable"

Reviewed 2013-07-22

Cleater1984 - UK

"Had a great night sleep, the bed was so comfy"

“Fantastic stay”

Reviewed 2013-07-17

Tracey E - Gloucester, UK

"The bed was to die for"

“Very expensive”

Reviewed 2013-07-09

DanSampa - São Paulo, Brasil

"The bed was really good"

“Fantastic service and a fantastic location near British Museum”

Reviewed 2013-07-07

Andy M - Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK

"Had a great nights sleep"

“Great one night stay”

Reviewed 2013-07-06

t42 - Toronto, Canada

"Excellent beds"

“Great stay!”

Reviewed 2013-07-04

Chris R - London, UK

"Had a great bed"

“Home away from home”

Reviewed 2013-07-04

Rajan S - Coventry, Connecticut, USA

"The beds are superb - enormous as well as comfortable"


Reviewed 2013-07-02

ldgraham8 - Carlisle, United Kingdom

"The bed was so comfortable"

“Good centrally-located hotel”

Reviewed 2013-07-01

Karen E - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Comfortable bed"

“A very stylish hotel in the heart of Manchester”

Reviewed 2013-06-25

hop2manual66 - Harrogate, UK

"Great bed"

“Good central location with great restaurant”

Reviewed 2013-06-24

LouiseNE - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

"Had the best night's sleep ever on their mattress and I wasn't the only one in our group to say that"

“Couldn’t have asked for more”

Reviewed 2013-06-23

IslaandMyasMummy - Cumbria, UK

"Best sleep ever"

“Always wonderful”

Reviewed 2013-06-18

SteveSF_London - London, UK

"The beds are super comfy"

“Luxury hotel within walking distance of Heathrow Airport”

Reviewed 2013-06-17

LarDenMac - Ottawa, Canada

"The bed was the best we have ever slept in during our travels"

“Wonderful staff, superb rooms and lovely service”

Reviewed 2013-06-13

Siobhan69Bristol - Bristol, UK

"I cannot fault the beds"

“Amazing hotel – terrible WiFi!”

Reviewed 2013-06-08

flyingtomato90 - Bognor Regis, UK

"The room was great, and included all the expected features of a high quality hotel and a queen sized comfy bed!"

“Modern, clean, comfortable but noisy”

Reviewed 2013-06-06

spaggia - Edinburgh, UK

"Very good mattress on bed"

“One night stay”

Reviewed 2013-06-01

Man_with_wife - London, UK

"The bed was super comfortable"


Reviewed 2013-06-01

Laurence M - Frisco, Texas, USA

"Beds were excellent"

“High standard!”

Reviewed 2013-05-29

LouisaMK - Rotherham, UK

"The beds are so comfy I had such a good nights sleep"

“First choice hotel”

Reviewed 2013-05-23

Vivekaal - Malmo, Sweden

"The beds were comfortable, we had 4 good nights sleep"

“Yet another great visit”

Reviewed 2013-05-15

BergieLisa - London, UK

"Most of all it was quiet with a lovely comfortable bed so we both had a good sleep!"

“Faintly disappointed”

Reviewed 2013-05-06

AngieVSheffield - Sheffield, UK

"The beds were wonderful and we had a very good night's sleep"

“Great location, great value, quiet rooms”

Reviewed 2013-05-05

m t - WI, USA

"The bed was excellent"

“Consistently excellent and great value”

Reviewed 2013-04-30

Propaganda_Machine - England, UK

"All the rooms I've stayed in have been comfortable, well appointed and importantly with good quality beds that allow a good night's sleep"

“Fantastic place to stay! Staff and rooms are great!”

Reviewed 2013-04-26

Alwyn L - Cardiff, UK

"The bed was huge, slightly firmer than mine at home, but really comfortable...a very comfortable night’s sleep"

“Superb all the way”

Reviewed 2013-04-21

rufdymond - UK

"Without doubt the most comfortable hotel bed I have ever slept in"

“Nice ending to a sad day”

Reviewed 2013-04-21

Chris C - UK

"The bed was very very comfortable and we spent a restful night after a very sad day"

“Lovely hotel in a fab location”

Reviewed 2013-04-19

-x-buttercup-x- - Nottingham, UK

"The rooms were great, particularly the beds which were the comfiest I've ever slept on!"

“Looks can be deceiving its a 3 to 4 star not 5*”

Reviewed 2013-04-15

JuicyLucy1980 - London, United Kingdom

"Mattresses were lovely and like being at home"

“Fab hotel – really hope I can return”

Reviewed 2013-04-11

vickisopinion - Midlands UK

"The bed was just too comfy!"

“Loved this place!”

Reviewed 2013-04-08

387Celeste - Oslo, Norway

"The mattress was awesome"

“Great facilities, fantastic service, handsome staff!”

Reviewed 2013-04-07

puchurrin - Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Great beds"

“High standards being maintained!”

Reviewed 2013-04-07

Manxtravellers - Isle of Man, UK

"I have commented before on how well the bedrooms are designed and decorated and how comfortable the beds are"

“Amazing experience”

Reviewed 2013-04-01

TPTWhitleyBay - Whitley Bay, UK

"The beds were so comfortable and I had a lovely nights sleep"

“Perfect, perfect, perfect!!”

Reviewed 2013-03-31

SuperCarlota - London, UK

"The beds were super comfy"

“Excellent attention to detail”

Reviewed 2013-03-30

JamesC008 - Wakefield, UK

"Lovely bed, the best nights sleep I have had in ages"

“What a hotel should be”

Reviewed 2013-03-28

BillWiles - Southampton, UK

"The beds are very comfortable"

“Enjoyable stay”

Reviewed 2013-03-18

ff82 - Accrington, UK

"Lovely comfortable bed"

“Good hotel and comfortable bed”

Reviewed 2013-03-10

AndrewD D - Brighton, UK

"Bed so comfortable that I contacted the company who made the mattress and bought one!"

“Cosy and welcoming”

Reviewed 2013-03-08

Mark G - Beverley, UK

"Very good nights sleep in a really comfortable bed"

“Great place, handy location”

Reviewed 2013-03-03

MrsMackmehappy - St. Albans, UK

"Comfortable bed"

“Top notch! Excellent service!”

Reviewed 2013-03-02

Benjamin S - London, UK

"Bed was comfortable"

“A pleasant stay”

Reviewed 2013-02-25

SusanTear - Ilkley, UK

"Lovely bedroom, comfortable bed"

“Huge bed, tiny en-suite”

Reviewed 2013-02-14

Singly - Portsmouth, UK

"Huge super-king-size bed, very comfy"

“Excellent service”

Reviewed 2013-02-13

Jonas K - Stockholm, Sweden

"The beds are a good size and provide just the right support"

“Delighted with this find!”

Reviewed 2013-02-09

Lizzie72 - Somerset, UK

"The bed was one of the most comfortable we have slept in"

“Unfriendly, noisy but location is good”

Reviewed 2013-02-07

nintin r - Oslo, Norway

"Bed was impeccable"

“Very good, but then you would expect it for the price”

Reviewed 2013-02-02

Peter R - London, England, UK

"I've always had a great nights sleep here"

“January 13”

Reviewed 2013-02-01

SeaM0nkey - Melbourne, Australia

"Super comfy bed"


Reviewed 2013-01-31

michaelmos2012 - Hertfordshire, UK

"Bed was very, very comfortable"

“I can’t fault the Radisson”

Reviewed 2013-01-28

Roamingdolly - Chester, Cheshire, UK

"The beds were very comfortable"

“Perfect for a couples weekend away”

Reviewed 2013-01-25

RoxanneRoxx - Leeds, UK

"Fantastic, double bed which was comfy"

“Great hotel and location!”

Reviewed 2013-01-24

DMcG0wan - Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

"Bed was comfortable"

“Could live here!”

Reviewed 2013-01-22

Trisha D - Sydney, Australia

"We had a wonderful room and I miss my bed! It was so comfortable"

“Another excellent stay”

Reviewed 2013-01-19

r00m_with_a_view - UK

"The beds are comfortable so you're guaranteed a good night's rest before your flight"

“A lovely surprise”

Reviewed 2013-01-16

SalisburySuya - Salisbury, UK

"One of the comfiest hotel beds I've ever slept in"

“Nice hotel”

Reviewed 2013-01-09

kinseye77 - Cardiff, UK

"The bed and pillows were particularly comfortable - I had a great nights sleep"

“Great hotel in excellent location”

Reviewed 2012-12-30

SharleneSmith - Chesterfield, UK

"The bed was really comfortable, we had an excellent nights sleep"

“An amazing, peaceful experience”

Reviewed 2012-12-29

Lewis S - Selby - UK

"It's hard to not sleep in the amazing double bed that the room offers"

“Great stay at hotel”

Reviewed 2012-12-28

Conorq - London, UK

"The bed was extremely comfortable"

“Small room but incredibly comfortable bed”

Reviewed 2012-12-28

redhead49 - North-east England, UK

"For me, the best thing was the bed. It was the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in and I had a wonderful nights sleep"

“Excellent stay for Christmas markets”

Reviewed 2012-12-16

Exvoguemodel - Liverpool, UK

"Retired to a very comfortable bed"

“Perfect for a London theatre or shopping weekend”

Reviewed 2012-12-11

mandub8 - Dublin, Ireland

"Super comfortable and large bed"

“Found a new Heathrow favourite”

Reviewed 2012-12-05

The_Littlechilds - Derby, UK

"Super comfy bed"

“World class hotel”

Reviewed 2012-12-02

STE2410 - Ruthin, UK

"The bed provides a very comfortable sleep"

“Best London hotel so far…”

Reviewed 2012-11-26

tindella63 - N Yorkshire, UK

"The bed itself was the best hotel bed I've EVER had. It was solid and supportive, not the usual soggy mattresses hotels seem to think you like"

“My favourite hotel in Heathrow”

Reviewed 2012-11-25

hazinheira - Geneva, Switzerland

"The bed was very large and comfortable"

“Friendly, efficient and a lovely surprise”

Reviewed 2012-11-23


"I had the best nights sleep I've had in a hotel for a long time"

“Absolutely wonderful hotel, exceptional value for money”

Reviewed 2012-11-22

Propaganda_Machine - UK

"Wonderful Radisson beds that really do aid a good night's sleep"

“A nice break”

Reviewed 2012-11-13

harix - Pirbright, UK

"The bed is the best I've ever slept in at a hotel."

“Good hotel, good location”

Reviewed 2012-11-08

Invernessdruid - Aberdeen, UK

"My first reaction to the quality of a hotel is the bed & bathroom, I certainly couldn't fault either"

“One of the best hotels I have stayed in”

Reviewed 2012-11-06

eddychunk - Kent, UK

"Best of all the beds are to die for"

“Perfect location”

Reviewed 2012-11-01

MandyFarnborough - Farnborough, UK

"The bedroom was spacious and the bed heavenly!"

“Completely faultless”

Reviewed 2012-10-29

Malc67 - Devizes, UK

"Gorgeous accommodation, a bed I could have slept in forever"

“No complaints”

Reviewed 2012-10-27

cumbriancouple - North West England, UK

"Probably the best nights sleep in a hotel for some time"

“Lovely, welcoming hotel in a brilliant central location”

Reviewed 2012-10-23

BeachBabeEngland - UK

"An amazing double bed"

“Clean and comfortable room, service good”

Reviewed 2012-10-21

Stephen166 - Cambridge, UK

"The room was spotless and the bed very comfortable"

“Great night at the Radisson Blu”

Reviewed 2012-10-17

Mike B - UK

"The bed was just so comfortable, which can make the difference between a great stay and an awful stay"

“Great hotel, a bit of luxury”

Reviewed 2012-10-16

GLD2 - Oxford, UK

" The beds were comfy and I had a couple of decent nights sleep"


Reviewed 2012-10-16

smokey01 - Wales, UK

"Beds are very very comfortable didn't want to get out of it in the morning"

“Radisson Blu Edwardian”

Reviewed 2012-10-10

736W - Portsmouth, UK

"The room was clean and a good size with a comfortable bed"

“Good but could be so much better”

Reviewed 2012-10-08

SparklyPurple80 - Rugby, UK

"Big bed!!! - just right, not too hard, not too soft! Slept like goldilocks"

“Always great”

Reviewed 2012-10-07

Clarryh - Durham, UK

"Peaceful night's sleep, very comfy bed"

“London central hotel for shopping and theatres”

Reviewed 2012-10-04

travell_a_lot - Southern England, UK

"Comfortable firm mattress"

“Great hotel”

Reviewed 2012-10-02

ctron1 - Belfast, United Kingdom

"The bed is comfortable"

“Out of this world”

Reviewed 2012-09-26

Pauline P - Doncaster, UK

"The beds were so comfortable and the linen crisp and white"

“Terrific airport hotel”

Reviewed 2012-09-26

Icanhazspabreak - Vancouver, BC, Canada

"After spending much of our 10-day trip in Hilton Hotels, this Radisson was a total pleasant surprise for was the best bed ever during our entire time away"

“Nice, but not perfect”

Reviewed 2012-09-20

Natk38 - London, UK

"The bed was really comfy, one of the best hotel beds I've stayed in for a while...I would stay there again, mostly for the massive comfy bed!"

“Wow, a nice surprise”

Reviewed 2012-09-15

Gareth J - UK

"We had a wonderful nights sleep in probably the best bed we have have ever slept in"

“Great staff, great service”

Reviewed 2012-09-13

Brunolph - Sao Paulo, Spain

"Beds are excellent"

“Excellent location, great rooms”

Reviewed 2012-09-12

AllieA_11 - Leighton Buzzard, UK

"The beds are super comfortable"

“A very comfortable hotel”

Reviewed 2012-09-11

Sally_AnneGeneva - Geneva, Switzerland

"The bed was extremely comfortable and I am very difficult in this particular regard"

“Relaxing weekend in Manchester”

Reviewed 2012-09-11

HikerJ - UK

"Extremely comfortable beds"

“Excellent stay”

Reviewed 2012-09-08

missfendiuk - london, UK

"The bed was extremely comfortable"

“Lovely hotel – well worth the bit extra”

Reviewed 2012-09-04

Gordonl - London, UK

"Rooms very modern and clean with a good bed"

“What’s not to love?”

Reviewed 2012-09-03

chitowncpa - Chicago, USA

"Extraordinarily comfy king-size bed"

“Clean and new”

Reviewed 2012-09-02

joy14607 - Leeds, UK

"The bed was the most comfortable I have ever slept in"

“Excellent and convenient”

Reviewed 2012-09-01

127Evelyn - Johannesburg, South Africa

"The room was very spacious and the bed extremely comfortable!"

“As good as ever”

Reviewed 2012-08-29

paulegsy - Limoges, France

"The rooms are comfortable and the beds dreamy!"

“Amazing hotel and even better staff”

Reviewed 2012-08-29

kesskatho - Scotland

"Very comfortable rooms with a great bed"

“Staff very friendly”

Reviewed 2012-08-27

Patricia G - Manchester, UK

"I got one of the best nights sleep I have ever had! I was tempted to ask where they brought the beds from"

“A contemporary hotel with a sleek and modern feel.”

Reviewed 2012-08-25

Ultimatelj - UK

"The bed was super comfortable and clearly of quality"

“Great location, excellent value”

Reviewed 2012-08-20

Mark S - Cardiff. UK

"The bed was extremely comfortable and delivered exactly what we were looking for"

“Excellent location”

Reviewed 2012-08-20

Sibh83 - Dublin, Ireland

"Bedroom was spacious and the bed was so comfy"

“Ideal position”

Reviewed 2012-08-19

yorkielyn - York, UK

"Comfortable beds but we all found the pillows very uncomfortable"

“Perfect family overnight stay”

Reviewed 2012-08-18

gemziboo - UK

"The beds were firm but comfortable"

“Home from home, fantastic hotel”

Reviewed 2012-08-15

muncher5 - Stafford, UK

"The bed was a joy, very comfy"

“Lovely hotel”

Reviewed 2012-08-15

valleygirl528757 - Hebden Bridge, UK

"The bed was super comfortable"

“Comfortable hotel in great location”

Reviewed 2012-08-14

cardamomss - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"Comfortable firm mattresses"

“Great location and super friendly staff”

Reviewed 2012-08-13

Ritabix - Dublin, Ireland

"Bed was very comfortable"

“Lovely hotel”

Reviewed 2012-08-03

long4travel - Kennesaw, Georgia, USA

"The beds are comfortable"

“Good visit and good hospitality”

Reviewed 2012-07-28

claire c - Glasgow, United Kingdom

"In many hotels you dont find the beds comfortable but the mattress was so comfortable"

“Great hotel, great location and great service”

Reviewed 2012-07-23

EnglishKnight2010 - London, UK

"'The room was excellent, especially the extremely comfy bed"

“From the heart of London – in your own heart”

Reviewed 2012-07-16

Taxsideyths - Greece

"A comfortable double bed with extra-soft pillows"

“Lovely new hotel in good location”

Reviewed 2012-07-14

IsofEsher - Esher, Surrey, UK

“Bathroom was excellent and bed comfortable”

“Friendly staff”

Reviewed 2012-07-13

happyplace5 - Braintree, Massachusetts, USA

"The bed was comfortable"

“Very good hotel at Heathrow”

Reviewed 2012-07-12

CXGTraveler - Waverly, Tennessee, USA

"The bed (king size) is firm and comfortable"

“Fantastic hotel in central location”

Reviewed 2012-07-09

CLHScott - London, UK

"I really couldn't fault the room at all and our bed was really comfortable"

“Will come back for the next Roses gig!”

Reviewed 2012-07-09

RiaRy - London, UK

“The room was lovely and bed very comfortable”

“Great hotel and very central”

Reviewed 2012-07-06

PaulMcIntyre - Dublin, Ireland

"Very comfortable beds and I would say the best nights sleep I have managed to get in any hotel I have ever stayed in"

“Everything was worth it”

Reviewed 2012-07-05

N_D_Franklin - London, UK

“Beautiful bed and room…very big and comfortable”

“Brilliant hotel, great location, will be back”

Reviewed 2012-07-03

brooks1985 - Brigg, UK

“The rooms were spacious, with a large tv, brilliant walk in shower and comfortable bed”

“Fabulous friendly staff!”

Reviewed 2012-07-02

MrsHall12 - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

"The room was spacious with a huge comfortable bed"

“Radisson delivers again!!”

Reviewed 2012-06-26

Burnleyguy - UK

"Rooms nice and clean, we stayed in a deluxe, lovely, comfy beds and nicely furnished"

“Anniversary stay”

Reviewed 2012-06-25

Garvey2003 - Swindon, UK

"Bed was comfy"

“Business hotel in a central location”

Reviewed 2012-06-23

Girl67 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Room was clean, nice bathroom and pretty good bed"

“Good but small”

Reviewed 2012-06-23

Mark_from_Thailand - Singapore, Singapore

"Beds are very comfortable and I slept very well"

“Absolutely fantastic!”

Reviewed 2012-06-21


"Hotel was fab, we had a lovely room with super comfy beds"

“Excellent location, friendly staff”

Reviewed 2012-06-20

Paul J - Leeds, UK

"The bed was comfortable and we had a very good night's sleep"

“Great stay on a quick stop”

Reviewed 2012-06-08

etan_travels - UK

"Beds were large and super comfy"

“Excellent location”

Reviewed 2012-06-06

Topsey-Turner - Hampshire, UK

"Room was reasonable size, very well equipped with a comfortable bed"

“Probably the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in”

Reviewed 2012-06-06

Denise S - Seattle, Washington, USA

“The staff were incredibly pleasant and the bed was extremely comfortable”

“This is a great place to stay in London”

Reviewed 2012-05-14

Wallyhop - London, UK

"The rooms are a little small, but the beds are comfortable"

“Reasonable for London”

Reviewed 2012-04-30

SuzSherratt - Ballymena, UK

"Yes the rooms are small, but ours was nicely decorated and the bed was comfy"

“Very friendly, very clean and lovely room”

Reviewed 2012-03-30

Bex1987 - Staffordshire, UK

"The room was a deluxe double but the bed was queen size and extremely comfortable"

“Excellent hotel!!!”

Reviewed 2011-12-05

Johannes_560 - Luxembourg

“One last comment about the bed: Just absolutely amazing”