Our mattresses are handmade in the UK by our expert craftsmen, using the latest sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We provide all standard sizes or we can tailor to your exact requirements for those small or oddly shaped rooms.

You can select any size, choose from an extensive list of sustainable materials and build-in a range of luxury, convenience and healthcare features to create a mattress that meets your precise specifications.


Eco-friendly design & manufacture

All natural and recycled materials

Award winning design

Allergy & mite protection

Orthopedic spinal support

Breathable layers throughout


Customisable Layers


Support Layer

The support layer in the mattress core provides the strength to keep the sleeping body correctly supported and the quality of this layer dictates the durability of the mattress.

Comfort Layer

Fluffiness, softness, ventilation and moisture regulation are the most important properties of comfort layers, which are placed right underneath the ticking of the mattress.


Insulating Layer

The insulator needs to be strong and have some ‘mass’ to distribute pressure and to protect the softer comfort layers and filling materials from the springs.

Filling Layer

Filling materials need to be resilient and they need to ventilate. Resilience gives a comfortable feel, supporting the spine during sleep and ensuring that the mattress returns to its original shape during the day.



The ventilation systems in a Vertue mattress are designed to move moisture through the layers and out through the bottom of the mattress.



How do I place an order?

The easiest way to start the process is to speak with us directly so we can further discuss your specifications, the design process, our pricing, delivery and timelines.